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Augmenting your imagination into reality with AR app development services of NineHertz

Do you want to experience real life through reel life? Connect your business with technology and make it profitable. We help to create AR applications for each venture to mark it as more valuable to its respective customers.

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What is Augmented Reality meant for us!

How easy is it to see the 3D vision of any object before building or purchasing it. You at least get the idea of how your final product looks like. Ninehertz is the leading firm that offers augmented reality app development services at a friendly cost with guaranteed quality. The dedicated augment reality app development transforms the methodology of users to interact with the services and products.

Connect your real world with these holograms and see 3D in 3D. Experience audio and video through AR anywhere. You need the hands on the job but you also need to be connected with a system that provides a good vision of your surroundings and improves the way you work. It is not only in demand in the gaming and entertaining sector but also in healthcare and medicine.

We focus on longterm vision by applying valuable principles that contribute towards bringing the changes in the current market boundaries.

Augmented Reality App Development Services

We have a bunch of innovative ideas and technologies for our clients to heighten their business graphs within no time. The experts have marked their valuable knowledge in AR to make it better and affordable for all types of ventures. NineHertz work on each type of service which is related to Augmented Reality App Development.

  • Location-Based POI
  • Superimposition of AR
  • Image Tracking
  • Marker-Less Augmented Reality
  • Real-Time Object Recognition
  • Real-Time Image Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Projection Based AR
  • Character Recognition Through AR

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is the type of reality-based technology which is a combination of real and computer-based images that deliver with sound, effects, text, to magnifies the real-world experience. In simple terms, one can visualize the object in the real world through AR. It is one of the emerging technology in today’s world.

There are several AR companies in India which offers best AR app development services with the budget-friendly price and highly innovative.

Most of the marketing companies come up with unique strategies for the marketing that consists the AR technology to make it unique and attractive to its users. Not only the marketing companies are benefited. The users across the globe, working in every sector has taken advantage of this amazing technology.

Benefits of AR technology

Customer Experience

The firms present the overlays of the designs and showcase it to the consumers to visualize their product’s color, size, features, and other factors. The user has several options to customize their product by experiencing them in the real world through AR.


Marketing strategies inclues AR to attract customers. AR-based marketing and promotional apps make you view the adds through interactive videos and more.


Repair your cars and other gadgets using AR. Simply follow the working of the AR representation and let your problem get solved in no time. By using AR overlays, one can easily visualize the troubleshooting procedures.


Learning and development for the student are pretty much easier now. Provide real-time lessons to the class and make the class more interesting for pupils.

Augmented Reality Apps

  • Augmented Reality in Publication
  • Augmented Reality for Architecture
  • Augmented Reality for Health care
  • Augmented Reality For Events
  • 3D Modelling Services
  • Augmented Reality for Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality in Retail
  • Apps for Online and Offline Sales

AR Mobile Development Service: Experts We

Augmented Reality is all about the creative holograms that need to represent in visualize formed. It takes the breath to create interactive holograms for users. Here we have the expertise of our augmented reality apps developers in every AR solution.

Android and iOS Apps

Augmented Reality app development are securely processed in both Android and iOS versions. We believe in quality and therefore they consist of the highly compatible OS. We not only create the amazing apps for you but promise to quality of it. We ensure that these apps run seamlessly. That makes us a top-notch AR app development company across the globe.

Integration to E-commerce

Transfer your shopping experience with e-commerce AR services. Witness the next level of sales, branding, in-store experience to enhance the user interaction. Let your users identify their product by first looking at them and then decide. Boost up your brand with AR and let the world know a new and unique way of sales and marketing.

AR Game App Development

Now make the gaming more interesting by adding the AR to it. We have a technoscientific team who not only create alluring graphics but also have their specialization in AR Game App Development. Our team use tool for games such as Corona, Unreal Engine, Unity, etc. We help you to deliver an outstanding game experience which totally has the next level technology in it.

Location-based AR

Track your customers location-wise by AR location-based services. These can able to access the features device such as accelerometer, GPS, accurate pin-point location, etc.

Recognition-based AR Apps

We create an app that recognizes visual by QR codes and displays the corresponding image. These apps are capable to identify the object with 3D imagery.

Superimposition-based AR

This is to some extent similar to recognition technology. It replaces an object or its part with an augmented view. One can create superlative UX for the clients.

Features and Tools Used by Us

3D Object Tracking

Integration of this feature is to develop the complex apps which recognize object on a daily basis. These are mainly used in stores.

Smart Glasses Support

We build an application that is compatible with HoloLens and Google Glass that support gestures and voice recognition.

Cloud Recognition

We use cloud storage for storing a large amount of AR data by the user. Creating advance AR experiences for the mobile users that visualize thousands of markers.


The position of the object plays a vital role in forming the augmented view. This can be done through a proper placing of objects in the augmented visualization. It manages the localization, mapping and indoor navigation of the object in AR view.

The Process Cycle of AR App Development Project


Scene Detection

3D modeling of view

Application UI/UX


Application Backend

Interaction of logic

Machine learning

Third party integration (if needed)

Image and other recognition

Application Backend


Tuning and performance of an application

CMS and CRM integration

Monitoring and maintenance

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