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With over 12 years of IT experience and thousands of projects delivered across the globe, The NineHertz is the one-stop destination for all sorts of Flutter App Development Services. We offer customized Flutter App Development Solutions for several platforms in Android and iOS app development market.

Custom Flutter Development Services

Our Flutter app development team customizes your applications and build a powerful solution that suit your business needs.

Cross-Platform Application Development Services

Top Flutter app development company who creates multi-platform mobile app solutions that runs smoothly on multiple platforms.

Flutter iOS and Android App Development Services

Avail our Flutter iOS app development and Flutter Android App Development services and rest assured of getting premium applications.

Dart App Development

The NineHertz offers Dart App Development Services to transform your native applications to hybrid form with the use of the latest Dart libraries.

Testing & QA Services

We have a robust team of mobile app developers, quality analysts and testers who make sure that your application is bug-free at all stages.

Flutter App Maintenance & Support Services

The NineHertz provides all sorts of maintenance and support services for your Flutter applications.

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Why Use Flutter Mobile App Development?

When you use Flutter mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms, you can make more money and spending less. Flutter framework is the most eye-catching technology offering extended benefits.

Numerous Packages

Flutter framework offers multiple packages including HTTP requests generation, Gradle dependencies for Android, accessing sensor, Firebase Implementation and much more.

Responsive Framework

Create Flutter apps with responsive designs by leveraging its behaviour of resizing your layout when the screen dimensions change.

Speedy Development

With XML and Dart, the whole process gets extremely fast and seamless, which makes Flutter an eye-candy for the developers

Widgets Implementation

Company utilizes a range of Flutter widgets and implement it on the major operating systems – Android and iOS.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload enables Flutter programmers to view code and development changes faster in comparison to other development frameworks.

Optimum Performance

The applications built on Flutter are built directly into the machine code, which helps in eradicating any bugs in terms of performance.

Flutter Web Development and Integration Solutions

Being a renowned Flutter Development company, we are leading experts in custom API development services and integration solutions. Our Flutter Developers build successful API and deliver integration services for agencies across the globe.

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Custom Flutter App Development Expertise in Various Industries

Being the leading App & software Development Company in India, our tailor-made Flutter iOS app development and Flutter android app development solutions have helped hundreds of businesses to put their best foot forward in the industry. The industries we serve include the following:

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Our Latest Flutter App Development Case Studies

Our organization has successfully completed and delivered thousands of projects by serving clients from all around the world. Following are some of the finest work samples done by us:

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Why Choose The NineHertz as your Flutter App Development Company India?

The NineHertz is a leading Flutter App Development company in India working dedicatedly in the area of providing top-class Flutter custom mobile app development solutions that add value to your brand.

  • Skilled Team
  • Save on Mobile App Development Cost
  • Guaranteed Innovation
  • Dev-Ops Enablement
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Quality & Security
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Increase ROI
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Co-Development Teams
  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge
  • Integrity Transparency
  • Quick and easy communication
  • Agile methodology
  • Easy Hiring process
  • 60% Less Expenses
  • 100% Genuine Reviews
  • 500+ Professionals
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Recognition & Accolades for One of the Leading Flutter App Development Companies

We are proud to showcase our awards, accolades and recognition in the IT industry for hard work, dedication and putting the customer first.

World-Class Brands Trust Us

We’re the proud Flutter app development partner of leading companies across the globe.

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We understand that you might have questions while getting started with Flutter App development. Don’t worry, we’ve answered them here.

Why should I hire you as my Flutter App Development Company?

When it comes to the offshore Flutter App Development Team, The Ninehertz is a well-known name having a team of more than 250 employees and more than 13 years of experience in Flutter App Development. The team consists of Flutter developers, QA Analysts, testers and project managers. We have served more than 15 countries with a glorifying track record of 98.7% customer satisfaction. Avail of our Flutter app development services to get the top-notch Flutter app development solutions.

How much time does it require to create a Flutter application?

The process to build a Flutter application depends on multiple factors including design complexity, development platforms, functionality and features, level of experience of the developer, testing and project’s scale.

How much does it cost to develop a Flutter Application?

The cost to be invested in Google Flutter App Development depends upon factors such as the development platform, app categories, country of the developer, app complexity and multiple features you require in testing.

Flutter enables you to build multiple sorts of applications implementing new software and hardware functionalities like camera, geolocation, storage, and third-party SDKs. Further, with Flutter, you can craft 2D mobile apps too that can run both on iOS and Android platforms.

Flutter was officially launched in 2018 and is a free, open-source mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) that is used to create native-looking iOS and Android apps with the use of the same code base. Thousands of mobile apps have already made it to the app stores with the use of Flutter. Here is the list of top benefits of Flutter:

  • High Performance
  • Super Productivity
  • Open-Source
  • Compatibility
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Expressive and flexible UI
  • Good Widgets
  • Native performance
  • Inter-dependable code interface

Flutter is gaining immense popularity in the market and that’s the reason enterprises are opting for this brilliant framework to build their mobile apps. A few of the popular apps developed using Flutter are as follows:

  • Alibaba (eCommerce)
  • Reflectly (Lifestyle)
  • Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness)
  • Hookle (Social)
  • Watermaniac (Health & Fitness)
  • Cryptograph (Finance)
  • SG Bus Tracker (Maps & Navigation)
  • Google Ads (Utility)
  • Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)
  • Birch Finance (Finance)

Yes, for sure! Flutter is undoubtedly a startup-friendly app development platform due to the fact that there is no need to develop Android and iOS applications separately with the help of a single code base.

Yes, this is very much possible. With the help of skilled and experienced Flutter app developers, you can migrate your existing application into advanced Flutter technology to build seamless applications.

Yes, The NineHertz provides support and maintenance services after your app goes live. The rates we charge are also very nominal. That’s the reason we are called the one-stop destination for all your tech needs.

Yes, The NineHertz allows you to partner with us based on your time zone preference. Our in house Flutter development team will work according to your time zone, deadline, and milestone. You can contact us to discuss concerning your requirements.

What is the future of Flutter app development?

The market has a lot of technologies for mobile app creations and the mobile applications are evolving and will continue to grow in future. Flutter app development has optimised creation of mobile applications and offers a wide range of design and customization. Therefore, there are more chances to grow and dominate other mobile development frameworks.

Do you know some facts about Flutter?

  • Flutter is an open-source, free to use app development framework
  • It works on Dart Programming Language
  • It provides a wide range of widgets for creating UI/UX views
  • It utilizes C++ rendering engine to draw widgets

The app architecture Flutter uses is based on reactive programming.

What are pros of Flutter app development?

Flutter development by Google comes with a lot of advantages:

  • Hot reload feature
  • Quick launch of app
  • Easy customization
  • User-friendly designs
  • Don’t get dependent on native API functions
  • Excellent performance

You can enjoy enormous benefits for your business if you are using the Flutter framework.

Cost of developing the Flutter application is not as expensive as we think. Though it can run on both Android and iOS but it is less expensive than Android and iOS development. This is because we need one developer to perform coding for both mobile platforms. It saves much of the money and is ofcourse cost-effective.

People always create apps on both android and iOS platforms to reach a wider audience for their business. Earlier, two separate processes were followed to make Android and iOS applications. Flutter has saved time by following a single codebase approach which allows developers to run single code on both platforms. Comparatively, it takes less time to develop Flutter than Android or iOS application.

Save time by using Flutter app development for your applications.

In Flutter app development, one can create native lookalike mobile applications for Android and iOS devices using a single codebase. These features allow developers to spend less time including and thus increase the speed of launch. When the user needs any changes according to market needs or his choice. Other platforms may face huddle in changing them. But Flutter helps you to develop the app in any way. With its widget traits, one can customize the application, i.e. adjust features according to the desire.

Yes, you can integrate with the 3rd party software tools API likewise you build your Flutter mobile app with Node.JS, Angular, Firebase and others.

With Flutter, you can develop 2D mobile apps required to run on both the Android and iOS platform. It is well-suited for building apps that are focused on delivering brands first design and apps look like native platform. Also, you can whip up feature rich apps utilizing functionalities like network, geolocation, camera, storage, 3rd Party SDKs and more.

Flutter is recognized for building apps with excellent performance. It helps developers to easily achieve a constant of 60fps. Applications developed using Flutter starts quickly because these apps run via natively compiled code without any requirement of interpreters.

Not only Flutter supports widgets but also provides a wide range of widgets to create an app’s view and interface. They are fast, extensive and customizable. One can create complex custom widgets as per the application requirements by nesting different widgets. Applications developed using Flutter offers a natural look and feel regardless of screen size.

Yes, Of course, We have a team of experts who will guide you throughout your app development to make sure you understand each of the features very well and suggest changes according to your choice. Your queries related to Flutter app development will always be sorted by our certified Flutter app developers and other team members.

We always emphasize on client satisfaction policy and therefore, sign NDA to keep your idea confidential and make sure we follow the standards of agreement. We also follow data security guidelines and abide by the legal policies. The information is distributed according to the hierarchy and need in task.

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