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The NineHertz is an award winning custom Healthcare software development company providing scalable and secure software solutions to improve your technology infrastructure. Invest in a cutting edge medical software company that builds robust enterprise level medical applications and highly functional medical software development services.

Start your journey with the best medical software company and get full-stack healthcare development services for startups, agencies, enterprises, and SMEs.

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Custom Healthcare Management Softwares

Collaborate with The NineHertz as your one-stop healthcare software service provider that helps you visualize and develop bespoke software to attain new horizons for your business.

In line with the latest breakthroughs and developments encountering the healthcare industry we offer the best custom healthcare software development services to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Choose from a wide range of healthcare custom software development services to build the perfect solution for your requirements.

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Our Medical Software Engineers Expertise

With over 12+ years of experience behind us, our healthcare software developers are adept in crafting unique healthcare software development solutions for our clients. Our dedicated medical software engineers at The NineHertz outshine the industry with outstanding services.

  • Mobile Health Systems

    The advent of mHealth revolutionized the conventional medical treatment method. Moving to digitalization and making medical records compatible, our healthcare software developers aim to make an integrated system of medical systems and applications.

  • Patient Management Software

    The medical software engineers at The NineHertz focus on creating an intuitive user interface. A centralized dashboard along with powerful integrations is indispensable to elevate your business to the next level.

  • Clinic Management Software

    The NineHertz is a leading hospital software development company and our technical know-how and experience can help you handle patient biils, appointments, prescriptions, and other calculations digitally.

HealthCare Software Development

  • Fitness and Nutrition Solutions

    The increased digitization and the recent Covid pandemic has made fitness and nutrition solutions one of the mainstream trends. From tracking nutrition to creating a holistic exercise routine, our medical software developers build stunning fitness softwares.

  • Medical Animation

    Our hospital software development experts use a variety of high-end tools and astonishing 3D technology to deliver best in class animation and graphics for training videos and books.

  • Doctor Software

    Our Healthcare software engineers help interconnect a number of monitoring devices and store large amounts of unprocessed data in a 3rd party cloud. This helps doctors to access clinical trials and diagnostic results in seconds.

Hire Healthcare Developers

Advantages of Medical Software Development

Medical software development services are the need of the hour and used widely by the premium audience. Enhance your customer loyalty by hiring a custom healthcare software development company that will focus on swiftly and conveniently connecting the customers to healthcare providers. Here are a few benefits of hiring medical software developers.

Certified Developers

The highly skilled healthcare software developers study every aspect of new technology before practicing it. The certified team thrives on building custom medical software for your healthcare business.

Economical and Efficient

Hiring a third-party offshore company for custom healthcare software development services can help your healthcare businesses save a lot of costs.

Access to Global Software Developer

In-house software development often gets restricted to limited resources. Outsourcing healthcare software development services offer businesses an option to avail the services of global talents

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

A medical software development company enables you to hire medical software engineers on a part-time or full-time basis to suit your unique requirements. It offers your business the flexibility to scale up and down resources as per the needs.

Assured High-tech Services

Partnering with a custom hospital software development company, you will have access to a superior talent force, medical software developer experts who are adept in developing high-tech applications.

Speedy Development

Outsourcing a healthcare software development agency ensures timely and faster deliveries. They value your time and constantly upgrade themselves to meet your growing needs.

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Hire Medical Software Developers for Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

Encompassing all technology-related demands of the current healthcare market, The NineHertz is known for its high standards of medical software development services to its clients. Our software development healthcare experts will assist you in forming a secure, feature-rich, and innovative medical platform. Hire a software developer in the medical field from The NineHertz right away to improve your customer experience and achieve great sales.

Medical Software Developers

Telemedicine Software Development

With Mutelcor’s scalable app development for healthcare, step up your healthcare efforts through careful planning and prevention.

Custom Telemedicine Software

Telemedicines softwares designed by our top medical software development experts do everything from quick, convenient connections with physicians to prescription services, and symptom checkers.

Cloud-based Telemedicine Software

We devise cloud-based custom Telemedicine software for healthcare institutions that are feature backed and promote seamless patient monitoring.

Third Party Integration

The medical experts at The NineHertz leverage seamless third-party integration of HL7,RCM, and LIMS to provide you top class custom healthcare software services

mHealth Solutions

We provide seamless custom healthcare software development services that enable us to maintain the clinical workflow and enhance patient care.

mHealth Telemedicine Software

Build impactful and highly functional Telemedicine solutions for multiple devices which help you improve your data management processes and health diagnostic services.

Mobile Healthcare Solution
Mobile Healthcare Solution

Patient Engagement Solutions

The NineHertz is skilled in developing medical software that allow patients to indulge with healthcare providers, book online appointments, pay bills and have accessible health records. Our patient engagement solutions can easily connect your healthcare teams to patients with a simple touch of a button

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

Our experts developing medical software provide top-notch EHR and EMR software solutions. The software can be used by both healthcare professionals and patients across the globe to access electronic medical or health records.

EMR/EHR Medical Software Development

Electronic Health Record framework allows our clients to evolve with changing trends. It helps healthcare providers manage patient medical records and speed up clinical workflows.

EHR/EMR Implementation Services

We provide EHR medical softwares to improve the quality of care by reducing medical errors, facilitating communication, and sharing information between healthcare providers.

EHR/EMR Integration Services

Develop scalable EHR/EMR solutions by integrating third party technologies for having an automated access to a comprehensive structured data repository.


E-Prescription (ERx) Software

Our custom mHealth software uses an E-Prescription user interface to generate prescriptions electronically and allows sending medical prescriptions directly to drug stores and pharmacies providing hassle-free support to doctors as well as patients.

  • CDS Integration Services
  • Better Clinical Outcomes
  • Third-Party Integration like integrating billing and scheduling

IoT/IoMT/IoHT Software Development

Our integration of IoT/IoMT combines the use of multiple wearables like ECG and EKG monitors that cover skin temperature, glucose level, blood pressure readings and other common medical measurements.

IoT or IoMT can be categorized in the following segments –

  • Clinical Operations
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Telemedicine
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
IoT/IoMT/IoHT Software Development

Doctor Appointment Booking System

With the new-normal contactless experiences on the rise, we offer unmatched Medical Appointment Scheduling service for Clinics, Hospitals and Individual Doctors to schedule their appointments. The NineHertz aims to empower doctors, patients and healthcare enterprises to capitalize on mobile devices.

Medical Software Developers

Doctor Appointment Booking Software

Give your patients the flexibility to consult with your physicians from anywhere at any time through our Doctor appointment booking systems.

Doctor Appointment Booking Website

Develop a Doctor appointment booking website with us to offer commodious appointment booking services for patients preferring desktops over smartphones.

Third-party Integration

Our healthcare software solutions offer access to third-party plugins that simplify the process of healthcare custom software development.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

At The NineHertz our experts develop remote patient monitoring software that allows healthcare institutions to streamline workflows & manage patient interactions via mobile-based medical technology and clinical decision support system (cdss).

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

PACS & DICOM Viewer Software Solutions

Our full stack healthcare solutions development company uses PACS and DICOM viewer software solutions for versatile storage and better imaging.

PACS Implementation Services

We integrate PACS/DICOM protocols to have economical storage and convenient access to images such as x rays and other reports from multiple devices.

DICOM Viewer Development

Our experts leverage EMR/EHR/HIS systems with DICOM to form a comprehensive specification of information content, structure, encoding, and communications protocols.

Programming Teleradiology Services

We incorporate XML, JSON, and LINUX web services to expand PACS and VNA teleradiology capabilities.

DICOM integration services

Our DICOM Integration team coordinates and executes technical projects to perform data migration, archival system changes, and recoveries.

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Health Information Exchange(HIE) Software Solutions

The NineHertz aims to deliver advanced health information exchange (HIE) software solutions to our healthcare clients helping them to enhance their efficiency and revenues.

Health Information Exchange

HIE Interoperability

Our efficient Health information exchange software solutions address major challenges such as procedure repetitions, data redundancy, and duplicate tests to save money.

HIE Mobile and Web Applications

Develop cross-platform, hybrid and native applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other high-end technologies.

HIE Standards

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to standards and quality. We adhere by the ISO 9001:2015, CCDA, GDPR, and other guidelines.

Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

We develop the best in class healthcare blockchain solutions to enable the transfer of health records into the health systems securely, manage the medical supply chain and handle the clinical trials safely and securely.

Blockchain Consultancy

At The NineHertz our experts begin with making you understand the concept of blockchain and how blockchain can benefit your enterprise.

Blockchain Integration

With expertise in multiple blockchain platforms, we can create hack-proof and robust platforms enhancing your and transaction security and securing your data.

Blockchain support and maintenance

Our healthcare technology consultants assist you with the monitoring, maintenance and modifications in your healthcare blockchain software.

Healthcare Blockchain Solutions
Remote Patient Monitoring Software

HIS and Practice Management Software Solutions

Our highly functional HIS and PMS software solutions enable healthcare organizations to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, perform billing tasks, generate reports, and other administrative tasks.

We have the below integrated Software solutions –

  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Practice Management Systems
  • Hospital Case Management Systems
  • HIS and PMS Patient Portal Integration

HL7 Interface Software Solutions

We engineer custom solutions adopting international standards to create top class HL7 Interface Software Solutions that enable full interoperability with all medical data management systems.

We have adopted the below integrated Software solutions –

  • HL7 Software Integration services
  • HL7 Third-Party Implementations
  • HL7 Interface Engine Development
  • HL7 Mobile Health Applications
Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) and Medical Billing Software Solutions

The NineHertz has extensive hands-on experience in developing robust Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) Software Solutions that helps in unifying the patient experience with financial performance of healthcare organizations.

Hospital RCM Software Solutions

As your trusted source for revenue cycle management, our Healthcare software engineers build robust Hospital RCM software solutions to face the growing challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Third Party RCM Implementation

Our medical billing software development services integrate third-party medical bill payments solutions from SwervePay, AllScripts, etc to improve payment cycle organization.

Medical Coding software services

Medical Coding software services We leverage multiple Medical Coding software services like CPD, ICD, HCPCS, etc to enhance the efficiency of your software.

Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) Software Solutions

Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS) Softwares

To ensure smooth operations of your modern laboratory we create world-class Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software solutions that allow you to effectively manage samples and the associated data.

Laboratory Information Management System

LIMS Protocol Execution

Our developers use LIMS software solutions to build workflows which map to actual laboratory processes to automate decisions and actions.

LIMS Inventory Management

We engineer scalable LIMS inventory management software solutions that assist in managing stock supplies and can assign automatic reorder alerts.

LIMS Security Modules

To ensure business continuity, we ensure compliance to SOPs and cybersecurity to have access to secure data in the cloud.

Assistive Technology Development

With the aim of making technology and healthcare more accessible we incorporate Assistive Technology Development in our software solutions in order to promote inclusion and participation of people with disability, aging populations, and people with non-communicable diseases.

For Deaf and Hearing Impaired

For deaf and hearing impaired people we devise special softwares that are compatible with smart Hearing aids, video relay services, tactile devices, alerting devices and other technology for supporting communication.

For Blind and Visually Impaired

For blind and visually impaired people, our experts design screen-reading, magnification, text-to-speech applications and refreshable Braille Displays.

For Enhanced Communication

To promote enhanced communication, we develop augmentative and alternative communication softwares helping the ones suffering from cognitive disorders like autism, dementia, etc.

Assistive Technology Development
Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Pharmacy Management Software Solutions

From point of sale to back office, we design scalable Pharmacy Management Software Solutions to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes. We aim to give you a cutting edge in the healthcare industry while simplifying your daily routines.

We have adopted the below integrated Software solutions

  • Pharmacy Software Development
  • Pharmacy Automation System
  • Pharmacy Inventory Management
  • Pharmacy POS Software Integration

AR/VR Based Medical Solutions

Our modern and innovative AR and VR healthcare solutions help medical institutions to provide profound patient treatment, medical rehabilitation, consultation, and diagnosis.

  • Augmented Reality In Surgery
  • AR Medical Surgery Training
  • Assisting Doctor Medical Practice With AR/VR
  • Virtual Reality in Diagnostics
  • VR for Pain Management
  • VR for Medical Education
AR Medical App Development

Our Medical Management Systems Integrations

We leverage the power of varied healthcare software providers to build medical management systems that ensure correctness within the healthcare device ecosystem. Our healthcare technology consultant uses emerging technologies such as AI and ML to help healthcare agencies automate various tasks like smart billing, adaptive staffing and enhanced patient care.

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Create Hospital Management Software with Talented Healthcare Software Engineers

The NineHertz is credited with being one of the top Healthcare software development companies in India. We possess a vast experience of developing Doctor Discovery, Prescription, Appointments, Check-In, Billing, and more. Our healthcare software engineers expertise includes securing HIPAA compliance, building user-friendly Doctor and Patient portals, creating robust IPD/OPD management softwares, etc.

Make Custom HMS Instantly

Why Choose The NineHertz Among Other Healthcare Software Development Companies India?

One of the leading Healthcare software companies in India and USA has rich experience in building best hospital management softwares and Healthcare compliance softwares. Our Healthcare software consultants solve strategy, operations, M&A and digital issues and offer healthcare interoperability, cloud-enabled custom medical softwares and compliant, healthcare scheduling softwares.

Why Choose 9hz
  • Certified Healthcare Software Engineer

    Before implementing new technology, our highly skilled and certified Indian Healthcare software engineers thoroughly investigate every aspect of it.

  • Experienced Healthcare Software Company

    With over 12 years of experience, one of the best healthcare software development companies help you with your needs with proficiency in delivering best-in-class healthcare solutions.

  • Fast Deliverance of Medical Projects

    The NineHertz has a track record of completing projects on time and under budget. Your custom medical software projects will be delivered to you in a short time with no compromises.

  • NDA Protected Ideas

    Our team adheres to the Non-Disclosure Agreements to the letter, and we cherish and respect your company’s beliefs and ideas. With us, your project blueprints are completely secure.

  • Quality Assurance

    Throughout the project, our Medical software development company guarantees that the desired consistency are maintained. We do not compromise on quality and deliver the best version of it.

  • Robust Healthcare Management Systems

    A proactive team of experts and an experienced Project Manager work together to provide you with a flawless healthcare scheduling softwares and best medical billing softwares.

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Explore our over the top services to discover how we help enterprises to accelerate their time-to-value and reimagine business!!

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Custom Healthcare Software Systems Portfolio

The NineHertz is India’s top-rated Healthcare Software Development Company and has a proven track record of serving the best in class web and app healthcare development services. Check out our portfolio and hire a healthcare IT consultant for all your app requirements.

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Hire Healthcare IT Consultants for Developing Medical Softwares

Being one of the best healthcare software development company, The NineHertz has devised a variety of engagement models to hire medical software developers as per your convenience and flexibility.

Dedicated Model

Hire a healthcare IT consultant for your all healthcare custom software development solutions. You only pay for the work done on a strict timeline basis under this model.

  • Budget-friendly resources
  • Dedicated hours of service
  • Measure KPIs and pay accordingly
  • Monthly reviews and payouts

Agile Methodology

You get Agile software development in healthcare through a flexible engagement model that works on a limited budget and changing conditions with the development team.

  • Open to flexibility and accommodates changes
  • Co-functioning with agile teams
  • Focus on micro events and results
  • Budget control

On-Demand Model

If you have ongoing projects with wavering timelines, hire on-demand healthcare software providers at hourly payments modules.

  • Pay-as-you go for ongoing commitments
  • Grow your team basic requirements
  • Zero hidden extra cost
  • Measure KPIs and pay accordingly

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Technologies our Healthcare Software Developers work on

Software development healthcare industry seeks to fulfill the growing requirements of medical and healthcare professionals. The NineHertz raises the bar and integrates hyper-connectivity, real-time data and the latest technologies. Our healthcare software providers power loT for enhanced connectivity and machine learning to process voluminous data, and AI based systems to add value to our work.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Our experts develop AI powered systems that are designed to intelligently assist and ease the work of frontline healthcare professionals.

Machine Learning

  • Mammoth datasets whose processing is beyond human capabilities are processed using Machine Learning algorithms that smartly convert data into comprehensible insights.

Internet of Things

  • We leverage the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to build IoT healthcare devices that ensure greater connectedness within the healthcare device ecosystem

Blockchain Development

  • As a full-stack Blockchain development company we incorporate blockchain ledger technology that facilitates the secure access to patient records.

Big Data Software Solutions

  • To provide end-to-end analytic solutions, we incorporate the latest Big Data software solutions which helps you in data extraction as well as preparation of diverse data.

Find the Right Solutions from Top Medical Software Company

We offer robust healthcare software solutions by leveraging the latest technology and the expertise of our developers. Check out our whole range of custom services and find the right solution from top software company, The NineHertz

  • Healthcare app development
  • mHealth Platform
  • Wearables
  • Third-party API integration
  • Application maintenance
  • Backend development
HealthCare Software Development
  • Medical apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Laboratory information
  • Pharmacy Management solutions
  • Health Information Exchange

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