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The NineHertz is a well-recognized MEAN Stack Development company that offers top-notch web and app solutions to its clients worldwide. Our highly skilled MEAN Stack developers effectively study all the client’s business requirements and build competitive, adaptable, and powerful web and mobile applications.

Hiring our proficient MEAN Stack experts will add scalability, productivity, and value to your website.

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Outsource MEAN Stack Development Services

The NineHertz has a highly skilled MEAN stack assessment team with 12+ years of experience in offering the latest MEAN Stack development services to start-ups, companies, and entrepreneurs.

MEAN Stack Development Team

Our dedicated MEAN Stack developers have in-depth knowledge in MEAN technologies. Our highly skilled cross-functional teams work efficiently in bringing out responsive Mean Stack Web Apps on various devices and platforms.

Custom App Development for Enterprise

We custom-design profoundly secure, flexible, scalable, and interactive enterprise applications that completely cater to all business requirements of clients.

MEAN Stack Development for eCommerce

We build engaging and dynamic e-commerce applications using MongoDB/MySQL for database management and Angular framework for web application.

Integrated Web Application & API

With the help of Mean Stack development, we build feature-loaded web applications and APIs that are fully compatible with the dynamic industry demands.

CMS Development Service

Our MEAN Stack development team provides a well-maintained, updated content management system for web and mobile applications using advanced Angular framework.

Migration & Upgradation

We effortlessly migrate web or mobile apps from frameworks like Java, ASP.NET, etc to the MEAN stack model. We also upgrade apps built on old frameworks to advanced versions like AngularJS to Angular.

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Why is the MEAN stack Framework best for web development?

MEAN is technologies dynamic, open-source, and flexible framework that works with a combination of four, namely MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS technologies. It uses single-language i.e. Javascript, making the development process impressively quick and effortless. It makes the whole development process very cost-effective as you only need to hire top MEAN Stack developers instead of individual frontend and backend developers.

MEAN technology delivers scalable, robust, lightweight, secure, diverse, integrated web applications making it a perfect alternative to the LAMP stack. Our highly experienced MEAN Stack development team has great skills in working with different MEAN Stack web development services and technologies. Some of the biggest players using this Technology are:-

  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Microsoft
  • Uber
  • Walmart

Major MEAN Stack Development Frameworks

We are one of the leading MEAN Stack development company in India having an excellent knack for all four major MEAN Stack technologies


MongoDB is a cross-platform and No SQL database that helps in managing a large number of data sets very efficiently.


It is a very flexible, lightweight, minimalist, and open-source backend server framework that is used for developing single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.


It is a powerful javascript-based open-source frontend framework that is used for developing single-page web applications.


It’s a server-side and cross-platform JavaScript technology used for building highly advanced and scalable server-side applications.
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    Ideas and Projects Delivered

  • 12+

    Industry Experience

  • 450+

    Clients Worldwide

  • 200+

    Certified and Expert Developers

Looking for MEAN Stack Development Companies?

Being one of the best MEAN Stack development companies and our expertise in MEAN stack app development helps the clients in building web and mobile applications with the inclusion of a wide spectrum of innovative and top-notch features and frameworks that add value and productivity to the website, hence turning their business into a global success.

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Advantages of MEAN Stack Web Development Technology

MEAN stack is a masterful fusion of technologies that helps in designing interactive web applications that are fast, responsive, flexible, and easy to maintain. Here are some of the benefits of MEAN Stack web development to achieve your project goal.

Innovative Database Technology

MEAN stack Development uses MongoDB framework that uses document-oriented data model making it easier to control and access the data of web applications.

Comprehensive library and framework

MEAN stack is an open-source technology that comes with a great library allowing expert MEAN Stack developers to have access to public repositories and libraries when they face some problem while working on a project.

Single Programming Language

All the frameworks of MEAN stack are based on Javascript programming language allowing better backend response making it easy to handle clients request efficiently.

Adaptable environment

Node.js technology allows an effortless switch between the server-side and the client-side. This enables the developers to exercise a great deal of flexibility.


For MEAN stack development, developers are only required to be skilled in JavaScript, thus requiring fewer developers as compared to other technologies resulting in cost-reduction.


As MEAN applications work on both Android and iOS platforms with making any changes in the codes, developers are saved from writing different codes for different platforms.

Code recycling

The non-blocking architecture of technologies and open-source JavaScript framework offers reusability to MEAN Stack technology.

Isomorphic Coding

MEAN stack uses isomorphic coding that allows apps to work on multiple platforms without changing the base code. It permits dedicated MEAN Satck developers to switch from one platform to another very easily.

Why Choose The NineHertz as Your MEAN Stack Web Development Company in India?

The NineHertz is the best in class MEAN Stack web development company in India that is a hub to 200+ skilled and certified professionals offering innovative and effective solutions to their clients worldwide.

  • Cost Saving Is Guaranteed
  • 0% No Fake Reviews
  • No Involvement Of Freelancers
  • Exceptionally Creative & Dedicated Teams
  • In-depth Study Of Diverse Business Needs
  • 100% Quality & Safety Compliance
  • Complete Discretion Of Your Ideas
  • More Than Satisfactory Results Each Time
  • We Promise Innovation
  • We follow Result-oriented Path
  • Composition Of Co-development Teams
  • Authorizing DevOps
  • Extensive Knowledge Of Domain
  • NDA Guaranteed
  • We value Integrity & Clarity
  • 60% Less Expenses
  • 100% Genuine Reviews
  • 500+ Professionals
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Explore our over the top services to discover how we help enterprises to accelerate their time-to-value and reimagine business!!

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We offer Custom MEAN Stack Development Services To Different Industries

The NineHertz renders completely customizable MEAN Stack development services to every major industry in the market, including-

Our Topmost MEAN Stack Web Development Solution Projects

Having worked with more than 450+ clients worldwide, 1789+ successful projects, and having an exceptional 85% repeat client rate, these are some of the Mean Stack Application Development Samples of our outstanding projects-

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Engagement Models to Hire MEAN Satck Developers

With us, you can hire MEAN Stack developers online, on a different tenure basis, right from full-time to a part-time engagement.

Excellent Well-versed Team

If you are looking for a high-skilled, creative, and innovative team,then you are welcome with open arms. Our experienced team will provide you world-class website and app development solutions.

  • Round the clock availability
  • Choice of part-time & full-time team engagement
  • Flexible & Dynamic Approach
  • Continuous Reporting & Maintenance

Regulated Agile Structure

If you have a limited budget for your project but require flexibility as per the dynamic nature of the market, you require a controlled agile model.

  • Ideal flexibility
  • Dynamic Agile Team
  • Brief projects
  • Full control on budget

Complete Time & Material Control

If your projects are numerous with no definite numbers and you require perpetual working on them, then we offer you the option of the hour-based work contract.

  • No concealed charges
  • Working hours as per project requirement
  • Easy Monthly Billing Process
  • Pay as Per Calculable Work

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Prestigious Awards, Special Accolades & Valuable Recognition

We are proud to showcase our awards, accolades and recognition in the IT industry for hard work, dedication and putting the customer first.

Important FAQs about MEAN Stack Development

Stated FAQs will help you to understand more about our functioning

What is MEAN Stack Development and how will it help my business?

MEAN stack framework is a collective mechanism of four major Java-based technologies that allow the developers to create new modules and features that make your application robust, flexible, and innovative. This technology helps the developers to easily work on the server-side and client-side. From big to small businesses, all are opting MEAN stack for its high-speed, code reusability, and scalability.

What factors should I consider to choose the best MEAN Stack Development Company?

Good MEAN stack Development expertise comes from experience and projects. You must look for MEAN Stack companies that have years of experience in working on MEAN Stack Technology. You should enquire about the projects and clients for which they have worked in the past. You can also read about the MEAN Stack Development companies case Studies. More the numbers, the more are the reasons for you to choose the company. If the company has an excellent international clientele base, then you must trust them.

Why should I hire the MEAN Stack Developers from The NineHertz?

Apart from having a vast number of MEAN stack experts and highly skilled offshore Mean Stack developers, we offer you complete access and command over the development done by our developers. We allow you to monitor the team as per your requirement and get the continuous report of the tasks done. We offer you on-time delivery with after-sales support. All these factors make us a competitive MEAN Stack web Development Company.

We offer a complete package Mean Stack web development process, including MEAN Stack Consulting, MEAN Stack CMS Development, MEAN Stack ERP Development, MEAN Stack CRM Development, Enterprise MEAN Stack Application Development, MEAN Stack Frontend Development, and MEAN Stack Backend Development.

There are various factors that affect the cost of the MEAN Stack Development process. These factors include the number of features you want to include, choice of integrated model, how many developers/testers/designers you want to hire.

The NineHertz keeps the pricing model transparent and includes no hidden costs.

Yes, MEAN stack technology will definitely help you in saving money.
MEAN stack saves you from shuffling through different platforms when you code your projects with this technology. This helps in cutting your development cost and finishing projects quickly.

Yes, you will be able to control the functioning of the hired developers. You can direct them like your full-time employees and they will dedicatedly work for you. With the help of our smooth communication channel, you can have complete access to their performance and work.

Yes, we use the most innovative and high-tech project management tools that will help you to monitor the daily productivity and advancement in your project. You can smoothly assign tasks for each day and monitor them using these tools.

Time taken again depends on various factors, like how complex or big the project is and how many developers, testers, and designers you have hired.

The NineHertz, being one of the best MEAN Stack web development companies in India, follows a regulated agile structure and each time has the right methodology to finish your project well on time.

We believe in integrity and hence, we never keep the source code that we design for our clients. We give our clients exclusive copyright of the code developed for them.

We never reuse the client’s code or patented processes or anything that was used specifically for an individual client’s project.

We offer complete and exclusive ownership of the project by giving you a Non-Disclosure Agreement, licensed source code, and patented property rights.

We believe in 100% client satisfaction and hence we offer constant support and maintenance after the completion of the MEAN stack projects. Our developers are here to guide you through any issue you come across.

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