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Harness the power of NFTs and position your business for growth with one of the best NFT developers. The NineHertz is a growth-centric NFT development company wanting to help early NFT adopters construct a seamless multi-million dollar NFT tokens.

Partner with us today and avail the most innovative NFT development services to turn your NFT visions into reality.

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Our Robust Suite of NFT Development Services

We offer a wide array of NFT token development services to cater to all your requirements in this booming industry. Our NFT token developers can create a powerful NFT platform where any item may be tokenized, whether artwork, software licenses, digital collectibles, gaming cards, or NFT crypto world assets.

Decentralized NFT Token Development

Leveraging the DNFT protocol, our NFT token development company creates decentralized non-fungible tokens. The cross-chain network facilitates the minting, trading, and management of NFT assets such as art, metaverse assets, and more.

NFT Minting Platform Development

We provide your non-tech users a head start in NFT trading and investment without even knowing the underlying blockchain story. We can design an NFT minting platform that requires no coding or technological knowledge.

NFT Multiverse Platform Development

NFT creators and developers can connect with utility providers and share their content across decentralized digital asset networks. We programme the features of the Multiverse NFT platform depending on our clients’ needs.

NFT P2P Exchange Development

With our bespoke P2P exchange platform script, you may get started with your non-fungible token commercial ventures. To simplify transactions, our NFT P2P exchange platform classifies them and uses smart contract development solutions.

NFT Marketplace Development

We are a leading NFT marketplace development company providing reliable NFT marketplace support. Our NFT services incorporate various security levels, customized crypto collectibles and include all of the functionality needed.

NFT Based IPO Development

With a fundraising NFT platform, our NFT experts assist you in launching your NFT business. A QR code connected to Etherscan or Blockchain can create an NFT poster. Our cutting-edge Initial poster offering service provides a market-leading presence and spectacular deals.

Cross-chain NFT Development

Our NFT tokens with cross-chain compatibility bridge the gap between NFTs. Every step is meticulously planned to create the most refined cross-chain NFT platform possible.

NFT Launchpad Development

Use our NFT development services to generate money for your NFT projects and launch and advertise them. We assist high-quality NFT-based startups in expanding faster in a decentralized and autonomous manner.

NFT Exchange Development

For selling, trading, and exchanging NFT tokens, we offer Blockchain-enabled secure NFT exchange development services. With our NFT platform development, users can enjoy seamless trading and instant liquidity for NFTs.

Custom NFT Development

At The NineHertz, we provide custom NFT solutions to clients interested in developing their own NFT development platform. We incorporate their business requirements, budget, and timelines while building their NFTs.

Crypto Collectibles

We offer an immersive play-to-earn NFT gaming environment to engage the global gaming community. Our gaming experts combine conventional gaming designs with unconventional game mechanisms to let users have more control over in-game assets.

Play-to-earn NFT Games

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P2P NFT Tokens

With our P2P NFT tokens, your users can create listings to sell ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens. These tokens can be acquired with either the blockchain’s native assets or any ERC-20 token available.

Fractionalized NFT

Since NFTs are designed to be indivisible, fractionalised NFTs can only be achieved by linking several ERC-20 fungible tokens to a single NFT token. Our top NFT developers are proficient and understand the complexities and intricacies involved in fractionalising NFTs.

NFT Based ICO Development

Our Initial Public Offering NFTs let aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses raise capital from investors. Startups can raise funds by attracting both institutional and retail investors to their enterprise.

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Benefits of NFT Development

When you outsource our Non-fungible token development company, you receive a team of experienced NFT token experts who can help turn your NFT visions into reality. They have an in-depth understanding of numerous blockchain protocols and NFT standards to assist you in becoming the industry’s frontrunners.

Decentralized Non-Fungible Token Development

Digital content creators and asset holders can thrive in a democratic atmosphere without relying on hosting agencies, thanks to decentralized NFT tokens.

Our knowledge in blockchain technology and domain expertise use the DNFT protocol to create decentralized non-fungible tokens aligned with various business demands.

Non-Fungible Token Development


ERC 721 is a non-fungible token standard that implements a token API for smart contracts.


ERC-998 allows non-fungible tokens to own other non-fungible tokens as well as ERC-20 tokens.


ERC-1155 NFT represents classes of assets and introduces the concept of semi-fungibility to the NFT realm.

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Offering mission-driven NFT solutions, we are a well-known NFT solution provider in the market. With our end-to-end NFT exchange platform development services, individuals and institutions can ensure irrefutable ownership of their assets and store identifying data in smart contracts.

Outsource our NFT development company today to expedite your NFT development journey.

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Why Hire NFT Developers from The NineHertz?

As we are named for its customer-oriented approach, you can rely on a team of best NFT developers with real-world experience. We can create a credible NFT platforms with various security levels, including the functionality needed to operate a thriving smart contracts.

NFT Development Company
  • Blockchain Technology Expertise

    Our unparalleled expertise in NFT makes us a leading name in the market. Our highly-skilled and experienced NFT token developers have good knowledge of blockchain technology that can establish a reliable NFT assets.

  • NDA Confidentiality

    Our NFT token development company ensures that you get end-to-end NFT support and project is confidential. From sharing your idea with us to launching your NFT platforms, we assist you at every stage without hampering secrecy.

  • Accelerated Time-to-market

    Our certified NFT developers understand the importance of timeline. Our agile development process helps us identify process gaps and any existing tools that inhibit critical product functions. This results in launching your NFT in quick turnaround times.

  • 100% Transparency Guaranteed

    Our NFT developers team ensures your project plans’ complete safety and choosing the right project management tool. Transparent procedures make room for better understanding and increase efficiency of your NFT development project.

Looking for Other Services?

As your NFT development partner, we are always proactive to learn about your business and industry to offer you unique expertise across all other verticals. Explore our other services to grow your business exponentially.

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Interested in Developing Your Own Customized NFT? Take a Look!

Our NFT development company provides NFT platforms reinforced with industry-leading features, institutional-grade security, and power-packed performance. As a pioneer in the NFT world, we possess all the expertise to successfully launch your NFT exchange platform.

Our NFT Development Tech Stack

Our NFT development team creates reliable NFT tokens and exchange platforms swiftly. Our experts work together in different technological aspects towards the sole purpose of developing robust NFT platforms. We use state-of-art blockchain technologies and the NFT standards to facilitate growth-centric NFT development.

Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
  • Tezos
  • Wax
  • Cortana
  • Hyperledger
  • Multichain

Front-end frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • React
  • Kafka
  • VanillaJs
  • Truffle

NFT Standards

  • ERC-721
  • ERC-1155
  • FA2
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

Programming Languages

  • Solidity
  • Golang
  • C++
  • C
  • Python
  • Php

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights

Storage Platforms

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Non-fungible Token Development Use Cases

Non-fungible tokens are unique crypto tokens that offer a wide range of applications outside the traditional NFT application. We function as a one-stop-shop for constructing your NFTs in custom use-cases as a leading NFT development company.

Crypto Collectibles

Crypto collectibles are non-fungible digital assets purchased and sold on the blockchain, such as rare cards or coins. The ownership of crypto-collectibles is verified and documented using NFTs.


NFTs are the Metaverse’s fundamental building blocks. It has an NFT as your future avatar. It can’t be taken from you, and it’s your true identity in space. Users can also use NFTs to buy other people’s avatars.

Academic Credentials

NFTs can represent academic credentials by displaying proof of attendance, degrees earned, and other relevant data. This will be saved on the NFT chain, which cannot be changed or hacked.


Users who want to borrow money from a bank or a private lender can use NFT tokens as collateral. You may simply buy and sell NFT coins using smart contracts on decentralized finance (DeFi) networks.

Virtual land

By tokenizing your digital real-estate properties with our asset lifecycle management, you can list your virtual land in NFT. Allowing participants to bid and acquire your property will enable you to monetize your land.

Supply Chain

NFTs can be connected to products via the blockchain, giving them a unique NFT identification that cannot be tampered with. Companies can also trace their items from the point of manufacture to the point of delivery.

Real Estate

Users can leverage NFTs in real estate to simplify and speed up transactions. Timestamped NFTs can be used to transfer land documents, offer confirmation of ownership, and even track changes in property value over time.

Patents & intellectual property

NFTs safeguard and certify the ownership of an invention or idea. NFTs can potentially offer the essential data for authentication, resulting in creating a public ledger that records all patent transactions.

Digital identity

Online ID cards, such as a digital driver’s license, can be powered by blockchain technology. NFT gives users a digital identification that proves who they are and where they live.

Medical Records

NFT solutions are specifically developed to assist healthcare professionals in assuring the accuracy and security of each data. NFT ledgers can preserve a person’s medical records without risking their confidentiality or exposing them to outside interference.

Gaming Industry

Our skilled game development team tokenizes digital assets such as game characters, weaponry, and special passes. Players are rewarded with tokens, and they can sell tokens on other platforms.

Fashion and Wearables

Tokenize your clothing products as well as accessories and be a market leader in the fashion industry. Fashion NFTs enable brands to attract and connect with consumers all across the globe.

Our NFT Development Case Studies

We are a top NFT token development company in India with a proven track record of successfully executing projects across a wide variety of sectors. Here are some of the creative solutions our NFT development services have resulted in.

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Salient Features of Our NFT Development Solutions

Some desirable characteristics of blockchain integration make the platforms distinctive and one-of-a-kind. With 12+ years of domain expertise, our curated team of experts incorporate the below appealing features to develop your customized NFT tokens.


The various NFT marketplaces allow crypto fanatics to effortlessly store and trade crypto assets and other non-fungible tokens.


Since NFTs are indivisible and cannot be divided among multiple owners, users can associate an NFT’s entire ownership to their desired account.


Investors can easily trace the digital asset back to the originator. As a result, preventing them from buying counterfeit products.


The bidding feature allows all registered users to begin bidding and purchase the NFTs listed for auction on the NFT token platform.


NFTs, unlike traditional tokens and currencies, cannot be broken down into fractions or pieces. They don’t allow for division and are always unique.


We deploy a 360 degree NFT smart contracts audit to secure the NFT trading process enabling digital creators to trade the non-fungible tokens.


NFT token holders can leverage the interoperability feature to leverage trading capabilities, bundling, bidding, and selling NFTs.


For all non-fungible tokens, we provide reusable, shared, and inheritable standards. You acquire NFTs with standardized collectibles.


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Best Blockchain Networks for NFT Development

1. Ethereum

The NineHertz can help you expand your customer base by creating NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. You can build a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies application code, increasing your company’s scalability.


Cardano offers multi-asset capabilities, scalability, interoperability, and a secure environment for token development. With Cardano blockchain development, businesses gain access to a knowledgeable community of academic programmers, resulting in a long-lasting network.

3. Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain has one of the quickest transaction times and the lowest fee structures. With smart contracts functionality, TRON blockchain technology and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it is ideal for developing decentralized applications.


Polygon is a decentralized platform that allows certified NFT developers to build scalable, user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without sacrificing security. It works on top of the Ethereum network and is ideal for infrastructure development.


Solana blockchain technology speeds up transactional experiences for various decentralized finance(DeFi) and custom dApps. It employs a high-frequency verifiable delay function, allowing for high throughput and efficiency across the ecosystem.

Awards and Recognition

Our agile methodology and technical competence make us a leading non-fungible token development company. We are proud to display our awards and accolades for breach-proof NFT development services in the IT industry.

World-Class Brands Trust Us

We’re the proud NFT development partner of leading companies across the globe.

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